How To Double Asset Life And Halve Shutdown Time

How To Double Asset Life And Halve Shutdown Time

In this exclusive interview with Oil & Gas iQ, Martin Sedgwick, Head of Asset Management at ScottishPower, expounds on the benefits of how cross-industry learning can help companies drastically reduce their outlays and turnaround times in their assets.

On joining ScottishPower in 2001, Martin worked as the Station Manager at Longannet Power Station, responsible for the management of the 2400MW coal fired power plant in central Scotland.

In 2007, Martin was appointed to his current role with the aim of developing the groups asset strategy in line with PAS 55 and developing an integrated approach to operations, maintenance and engineering including developing a new risk approach to asset management.

Prior to joining ScottishPower, Martin worked in a range of power plants, including coal, nuclear and CCGT’s in commissioning, operations, maintenance and engineering.

In the course of his interview, Martin touches on:

  • How the oil and gas industry could benefit from looking at other business sectors and their integrity programmes

  • Specific areas in which oil operators can learn from power companies

  • What ScottishPower is currently doing to innovate their asset strategy

  • How RBI and real-time condition monitoring can halve shutdown times

  • His opinions on how the Great Crew Change will affect the asset integrity field.  

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