26 September, 2016 | Aberdeen, Scotland

Colin Bateman

Business Development EMEA
Integrated Global Services

11:30 Vessel Internal Metal Cladding with HVTS Technology: A Cost Effective Onsite Process Equipment Protection Solution for Corrosion Mitigation and Asset Life Extension

  • On-site, in-situ corrosion protection of critical process equipment with corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) cladding: Advanced NiCrMo alloy and high velocity thermal spray (HVTS) processes
  • Stopping a wide range of corrosion and/or erosion conditions, even under severe service: Maintaining vessel wall thickness, pressure boundary and asset integrity to extend design life so that replacement is no longer required
  • Examining prior limitations of thermal spray technology: Advanced alloy modification to eliminate porosity, reduce residual stresses, inflight oxidation and shut down any corrosion path to the base metal
  • The development of advanced conveyance technology facilitates: Rapid onsite, in-situ field application of the system, rapid mobilization and efficient project execution

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Colin.

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