26 September, 2016 | Aberdeen, Scotland

Colin Bateman

Business Development EMEA
Integrated Global Services
Colin has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and more than 19 years of experience working in corrosion management using both organic/composite and metallic solutions, focusing in recent years on upstream and downstream oil and gas operations and maintenance.  After beginning his career in 1997 at TENMAT in Manchester UK and spending 2 years working in Australia, Colin worked for 10 years with Belzona Polymerics Ltd as the Technical Services Manager, leaving to join Integrated Global Services Inc. in 2015.  Colin is also a NACE Level 3 certified inspector.

11:30 Vessel Internal Metal Cladding with HVTS Technology: A Cost Effective Onsite Process Equipment Protection Solution for Corrosion Mitigation and Asset Life Extension

  • On-site, in-situ corrosion protection of critical process equipment with corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) cladding: Advanced NiCrMo alloy and high velocity thermal spray (HVTS) processes
  • Stopping a wide range of corrosion and/or erosion conditions, even under severe service: Maintaining vessel wall thickness, pressure boundary and asset integrity to extend design life so that replacement is no longer required
  • Examining prior limitations of thermal spray technology: Advanced alloy modification to eliminate porosity, reduce residual stresses, inflight oxidation and shut down any corrosion path to the base metal
  • The development of advanced conveyance technology facilitates: Rapid onsite, in-situ field application of the system, rapid mobilization and efficient project execution

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