26 September, 2016 | Aberdeen, Scotland

Mark Lees

Engineering & Services Lead

12:30 Roundtable Discussion: Arguing the Perception of the Minimum Standard of Acceptance and the Perception of Risk

This roundtable will assess the perception of the minimum standard of acceptance when working operationally on assets and how this affects risk. The session will draw on the challenges and strategies, which professionals similar to you have used and are currently using in their projects. Through being involved in this roundtable, you will learn how to maximise best practice onsite and reduce risk, up to 60%. The roundtable will be focused on the below themes but these are used as a guideline only; the session will be 30 minutes whereby tables must choose 3 of their top challenges they have faced across various projects. There will be 20 minutes to discuss the themes and 10 minutes to evaluate and feedback.
  • Assessing the capability of your workforce to assist in the identification and evaluation of your bottom line of operational acceptance
  • The variation of the perception of risk: Assessing the role of culture, management and the ageing workforce when measuring risk
  • Best practice in recommendation and assessment of technology and movement maintenance

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Mark.

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